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Prepare for IBHRE® with PrepMD

Each year many individuals from around the world utilize iPrepMD and our training resources to prepare for the IBHRE exam and improve their fundamental understanding of Cardiac Rhythm Management.

Following resources help you prepare for the 2018 IBHRE Exam:

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IPREPMD: Online Curriculum and Quizzing

Gain access to our extensive online material through iPrepMD, our online delivery platform.

The first two courses in the online iPrepMD basic subscription are specifically pointed towards the IBHRE candidate while many candidates also find the rest of the course material very valuable in their preparation. (See list below)

iPrepMD Basic Subscription Courses:

  1. The IBHRE Examinee's Overview of Core Concepts & Fundamentals
  2. Test your Practical Understanding of Device Therapy
  3. Cardiovascular Foundations for Understanding Device Therapy
  4. Fundamentals of ECGs and Rhythm Analysis
  5. Fundamentals of Cardiac Pacing 101 - Terms and Concepts
  6. Fundamentals of Cardiac Pacing 102 - Device Operations
  7. Clinical Foundations for ICD Therapies
  8. Intermediate Level Cardiac Pacing Technologies
  9. Understanding the Pacemaker Implant
  10. ICD Technology - Sensing and Detection
  11. Cardiac Rhythm Management for the Heart Failure Patient
  12. Non-Rhythm Related Cardiovascular Disease


  • IPREPMD BASIC MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: $29.95 a month after a $75.00 set up fee which includes your first 30 days access.
  • IPREPMD ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: $329.45 (a $75 savings over the monthly rate).

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iPrepMD DEMOS: To VIEW sample lesson presentations click on the following links:

Upper Rate Behavior: An Overview of Terminology

Pharmacology: Drugs and Devices

Basic EP: The Electrical Conduction System

Single Chamber Timing; Rate Hysteresis and Demand Modes

Recorded IBHRE Prep Webinar Series


With a goal of helping those individuals signed up for the exam to prepare in a cost efficient and flexible manner PrepMD is making available 3 years' worth (20+ hours of) recorded 6-part Webinar series for Exam preparation.

Topics include:

  • Electrical Concepts / Indications for Device Implantation
  • Device Implantation / Conscious Sedation / Implant Complications
  • Brady Timing Cycles/ ECG & EGM Analysis / Troubleshooting
  • Tachy Sensing, Detection & Therapy / EGM Analysis / Troubleshooting
  • CRT Timing Cycles / Optimization / Troubleshooting
  • 12 Lead ECG Analysis / EGM Analysis / Drug Therapy


  • For Current iPrepMD Subscribers: $199.95 for all 18 webinars
  • For iPrepMD Non-Subscribers: $299.95 for all 18 webinars + 30-Day Access to iPrepMD Online Courses

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Practice Assessment Testing

Test Taking Practice and Self Assessment for the IBHRE Candidate exam provides 225 practice questions.

Enrollment will give you access to the test in two options:

  1. One master 225 question test
  2. Five separate smaller tests (4 tests of 50 questions and 1 test of 25)


  • For Current IPREPMD Subscribers: $195.00
  • For IPREPMD Non-Subscribers: $270.00 for Practice Tests + 30-Day Access to iPrepMD Online Courses

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Companion Binders

For students who like hard copy resources for taking notes companion binders for The IBHRE Examinee's Overview of Core Concepts & Fundamentals course would be of a great help.

Pricing: $185.00 plus shipping and handling fee

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